Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Morally and Intellectually Superior Left

Two examples this week of the sanctimony of the know all left.

Sharon, a contestant on Big Brother said on Abbott's "suppository" comment, it "doesn't surprise me. I'm not a fan." It doesn't surprise you that he would make a language gaff. Yeah, cause he's like a big idiot. Haw haw haw. How sanctomonious. Abbott isn't perfect, nobody is. But he's a Rhodes Scholar. You, Sharon, were a housemate on Big Brother.

Then there was the "sex appeal comments", which the fashionble leftists jumped on like piranhas. Jo Stanley tweeted her outrage. Huh? Jo Stanley. You mean the same Jo Stanley who worked for the same FM radio network as Kyle Sandilands. Never heard her express any outrage at the sexism of Mr. Sandilands.

Jo Stanley works in an industry which, like television, favours young and sassy over old and mature. Name one woman aged over 50 on a major FM station.

Jo's Twitter backdrop includes pictures of her in a tight hugging dress, with high-heeled pornstar style stilletos. Such is her concern for sexism that she objectifies. Irony?

High heels and stilletos have done more damage than any mean old conservative with a "sexist" mouth.

Stanley is the kind of PC, groovy, fashionable politics gal who never grew out of 20s. She takes the PC view of things like asylum seekers and gay marriage, and becomes shocked, astounded when a conservative gives an alternate take on these issues. Andrew Bolt's appearance on The Project was a great example. Stanley, in a guest appearance on the panel, seemed genuinely shocked that a person would have differing views to her. She seemed astounded that, outside of her chattering class and circle of hairdresser gossip politics, there was a whole world of ideas and opinions.

Stanley is the kind of person who doesn't realise that their fringe ideas are not part of the mainstream.

And there with have the moral superiority of the Left.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Er... Rodney... They Ain't Going to Vote Liberal Anyway

Rodney Croome has no idea what he is talking about if he thinks inner-city seats are going to vote for Tony Abbott regardless of his gay marriage stance. Croome, the director of Australian Marriage Equality, says Abbott risks inner-city seats because of his decision not to allow Liberal Party MPs a conscience vote on gay marriage. Um, Rodney, the Liberals are not going to win those seats anyway; and that's not being apathetic, or saying that they shouldn't try to win those seats; but the political animosity towards Abbott, by the inner-city voters, goes just a little further than the issue of marriage rights. The Liberals aren't going to win Sydney, Melbourne or any of the inner-city seats like Batman or Melbourne Ports.

The serious issues of the economy, border protection and standards of living, are the issues that most Australians care about. It is the suburban heartlands where elections are won and lost: Western Sydney, Melbourne's southeast, Brisbane's suburbs, and semi rural seats.

It is manufacturing and factory workers in Dandenong and new parents, first time home owners in Parramatta who will be the heart of the support for either Labor or Liberal. The inner-city is home to the fringe dwellers who vote with their hearts, not their heads.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Government Has No Place Using Tax Payer Money in This Way

Dave Faulkner can call Andrew Bolt a "blowhard"; but I'm a 28 year old film student, and I too think excessive tax paying funding of art and music is wrong.

Yeah. All those who want to be able to spend their own money are "blowhards."

What evil right wing culture haters.

Making people pay for something they won't see, and probably aren't a fan of, is the same as forcing them to endure ideas of which they dissaprove; it is akin to an intellectual version of forced labour.
Hey, Dave, that makes you kinda like Pol Pot.

If live music is so popular and "big", as you claim, it doesn't need government support. What is it about capitalism you don't understand. Popularity equals demand. Demand equals customers and patrons. Patrons pay money. Are leftists allergic to an understanding of basic economics?

So I ask again, why should people who will never go to see live music, or people who are not fans of indie rock and live music, have to pay to prop it up?

The Dave Faulkners and Marieke Hardys of this world have an automatic reflex that sees them turn to government the minute their industry or livelihood finds itself in dire straits.

Maybe if they stopped making annoying, navel gazing hipster garbage then people would pay to listen

Sunday, 28 July 2013


I'm joining the Liberal Democrats. Heres's why.

The Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) is Australia's only true libertarian party. The Sex Party may claim to be libertarian, but they aren't. Don't even get me started on those pretenders (government funding for abortions and Viagra?)

No. The LDP are the only true libertarians.

For a year I've been weighing up whether or not to join. I vote for the Coalition; but I have said that if an LDP candidate were to run in my electorate "beware the Coalition."

It is my feeling, and that of many others, that the Liberal/National Coalition has strayed away from the original ideals of individual freedom and personal responsibility.

Tony Abbott, the current leader of the Liberal Party in federal parliament, is a moderate statist.

One of his major policies is the funding of a maternity leave scheme paid for by increasing company tax. So he will scrap the carbon tax (which Labor says they will do as well), but he will increase the tax on companies in order to fund something that individuals should be funding themselves.

I will always be a Liberal Party voter as long as they remain a semblance of a reliable alternative to the green socialism of the ALP and the Greens. The Liberal Party have long stood up for the destrangulation of union infested labour, and for changes to IR laws that, despite the scaremongering, would actually benefit individual workers.

They seem to have forgotten their own philosophy, though.

It was the Liberal Party under Howard and Costello that introduced the Baby Bonus, a payment to new parents that I believe is responsible for rates of poverty, abuse and dependence in low socio-economic communities.

Now it is the Liberal Party that wants to make bosses pay full maternity leave to women who choose to be pregnant.

Now to some of the policies that attracted me to the LDP.

The LDP believes in the decriminalization of victimless crimes. I have long argued that there is no need for governments enforce laws that harm nobody when they are broken, except maybe the person breaking them. Fines for not wearing a bike helmet while riding a bike, for not wearing a seat belt while in a car, and fines and even jail time for the personal use of drugs, are all draconian laws that have no place in a free society. I would add to that list jaywalking. I am an adult. I am smart enough to judge the traffic for myself. I will decide when and where I can cross the road.

People should have the freedom to wear a bike helmet if they choose; to wear a seat belt if they choose. They should never be forced to do these things in the name of "personal safety."

The LDP also supports the RIGHT to own a firearm for sport, hunting and SELF DEFENSE. As it now stands in Australia, every state has differing gun laws. One thing all the states have in common is that they do not allow "self defence" as a valid reason for being approved a handgun licence. This is absurd. Self defense is the right of every free man. So long as we have life and liberty we should be able to defend them.

The LDP supports concealed carry by law abiding citizens who have no previous history of criminal activity or mental illness.

Those who who know me know that I am an ardent supporter of gun rights, the right to keep and bear arms, and the effect guns have in reducing crime.

The LDP supports market based approaches to tackling climate change. The government has no place imposing a tax on private businesses. Let the market decide the price of carbon. Allow free and voluntary trade in a free market. If the people want cleaner energy they will pay for it. A man and his wallet is a better indicator of popularity than a government and its policies.

The LDP also plans to scrap compulsory voting. Just as no citizen can be forced to silence, no citizen can be forced to speak. Forcing free people to attend a polling booth and have their name ticked off is akin to forcing them to give their opinion. The fact the government forces you out of your house on a Saturday in order to do your "civic duty" is Orwellian, evil and borders on slavery.

In her appearance on the ABC's QandA program earlier this year, then prime minister Julia Gillard laid the blame for America's gun culture on the fact that they don't have compulsory voting over in the States. The scaremongers tactic was as tyrannical in nature as it was absurd. To defend one tyrannical law by attacking a cherished freedom is the tactic of Marxists. Her suggestion that non-compulsory voting in America allows the gun lobby to wield enormous power is ludicrous. Every registered citizen can vote in America. Not every citizen does. Nobody, who is legally able, is stopped from voting, as seemed to be how suggestion.

When people like Julia Gillard defend compulsory voting by attacking the people who defend the right to bear arms, you know tyranny has reached it's absurd point.

And finally. The LDP advocvates the complete sell off and private ownership of the ABC, SBS, government owned public transport and Australia Post. Tony Abbott seems too scared to say he will sell off the ABC. I doubt he will even if he does form government.

The government has no place in the media. Forcing citizens to pay for a national broadcaster is as evil and despotic as, I don't know, forcing them to vote.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bow to Your Future King

Ok. I'm going to be a scrooge

First. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess. My issue is not with them. I admire the Duke and Duchess, the Queen and some other members of the royal family. My issue is with the sycophantic media.

My issue is with the insult to free people that comes with the notion that this baby is the future heir and ruler.

It is a baby. The idea that this is our future head is insulting. We are adults for crying out loud. That we fawn over the birth of a future ruler and heir, that the media declares that this is our future king and head. No. No no. Enough. Free people deserve better. We aren't subjects.

Yet people of Britain, Canada Australia, New Zealand and other nations of which Queen Elizabeth is sovereign head, seem happy to be ruled by privilieged, born into status celebrities. It is wrong.

But, if you're happy being ruled in the future by a young man who uses tax payer money to get laid in Las Vegas. If you don't mind that the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge is a media show pony whose bum is more important than the poor people of Britain; a thug who was smiling stupidly in a car in Paris while the male driver aimed a pistol at photographers.

What joy to know that while the British subjects are unarmed, the sister of the future queen has mates who have easy access to weapons.

The Queen is a lovely lady I admire. Tyrants and thugs follow behind her.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

People's Justice

Not happy with the decision of a jury in a court of law, rioters and protestors want to serve up their own justice to George Zimmerman.

It makes you wonder what the point of the adversarial system is if people think they can take the law into their own hands when a result doesn't go their way.

These closet tyrants and mini Stalins are only happy when they get their way. Anything else is "unjust", unfair.

In the minds of the protestors, only the hanging of Zimmerman will suffice.

They want him fed to the crowd. They want to lynch him. They want to let all their anger out on this man. It is a catharsis.

Feed him to the people. Let the people hand out justice. Who needs laws and constititions. Who needs statutes and order. The courts have failed because the ravenous socialists say so.

Now feed us. Feed us

Thursday, 11 July 2013

In this age, good and brave deeds stand out for their rarity. This week, two brave men accomplished very different, but admirable achievements.

Shane Crawford didn't have to cycle from Melbourne to Perth to raise money for breast cancer research. In 2012 he walked from Melbourne to Adelaide for the same cause.

But, like all people of Crawford's calibre, he felt he could do more. Brave.

Harry O'Brien didn't have to reveal his emotional demons to anyone. He didn't have to front cameras, calmly and bravely revealing a "long and complicated history of sexual abuse."

O'Brien's composure was inspiring. He is a courageous person who should be, and will be supported.

Crawford and O'Brien have contributed towards bettering, even saving the lives of millions of people.

Crawford's fundraising means more money towards research and, hopefully, cures for cancer.

O'Brien's candid revelations might just give depression sufferers the inspiration and incentive to come out and talk about their troubles. Crawford and O'Brien are just human. But they showed a superhuman courage this week.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Ruddbama Awards

Proposal: the creation of a new award of demerit for the most ungenuine, fake politician. The award to be known as the Ruddbamas
A politician qualifies by being a fake, a poser, a douche, or having delusions of celebrity.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Rudd Express - the myth of the "Honeymoon Period."

I don't know which is slower. The computer I'm using now, or Kevin Rudd at naming an election date. Remember when John Howard got flack for taking his time?

Ok. I accept the argument that Labor needs to preselect members for vacated seats before an election is announced. But shouldn't Rudd and his backers thought of that before they rolled Gillard. Surely Rudd would have been prepared for the possibility that a large chunk of the cabinet - Gillard supporters, and Rudd despisers - was going to quit now that Rudd was back.

All of this seems very last minute.

If Rudd thinks the polls are going to stay the same, or perhaps increase even more in his favour, he is deluded. Of course, there is no proof that is the reason for his reluctance to name an election date. It may be that Rudd is very much aware that the longer he stalls the less popular he will be come election day.

One mistake Rudd has made is believing the hype created by the myth of the "Honeymoon Period." No such thing exists. Despite appearances (and a lot of people do like Rudd). Despite the polls that say he is prefered PM (such polls mean nothing when it is the government we vote for, not the PM. And Labor still trails the Coalition)the "Honeymoon Period" is still a myth.

Rudd was scrutinised and attacked from his first day back in the Prime Minister's chair - the last day of Parliament before the winter break.

His past failings were brought up; his manner, speech and lack of skills in delegation were also mentioned in the media and in Parliament. There is no, and never has been, a "Honeymoon Period."

The Left may fawn and suck up to certain leaders like groupies after rockstars. But Rudd's political opposition has never, and will never, allow for any softness or niceities simple because it's Rudd's first month back. The scrutiny starts from day one.

That scrutiny will increase as more revelations about Rudd's involvement in the illegal shredding of documents relating to a child sex abuse victim come to light. The media has been silent on this. No surprise. It's a block in the road stopping the Rudd bandwagon. And we can't have a few little allegations of illegality get in the way of the Rudd Express, can we?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Crazy Green's Policies

One need only look at the Green's policies on Aboriginal affairs, and animal welfare, to see double standards and hypocrisy. Why do I highlight these two particular areas? Well, read this section, from their animal welfare policy statement:

A ban on the recreational shooting of all animals, including Australian native water birds

Native birds are already protected; but it's the Greens, so we can't expect facts.

Now see this from the Green's policy statement on Aboriginal affairs:

The rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to sustainably hunt, fish and gather native flora and fauna in line with traditional cultural practice

Hold on a minute. I thought the Greens wanted native fauna to be protected (it already is). Yet they propose a policy of allowing Aboriginal people the right to use traditional methods of hunting.

Traditional Aboriginal methods of hunting include the use of spears to kill kangaroos, and the burning of bush habits to scare animals out into the open. The Greens think this traditional form of hunting is acceptable, yet the more humane methods used by modern hunters is unacceptable.

Only in the Green's twisted world would spearing an animal to death be considered more acceptable than a quick, single shot from a rifle.

But that's the crazy Greens for you.