Sunday, 28 July 2013


I'm joining the Liberal Democrats. Heres's why.

The Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) is Australia's only true libertarian party. The Sex Party may claim to be libertarian, but they aren't. Don't even get me started on those pretenders (government funding for abortions and Viagra?)

No. The LDP are the only true libertarians.

For a year I've been weighing up whether or not to join. I vote for the Coalition; but I have said that if an LDP candidate were to run in my electorate "beware the Coalition."

It is my feeling, and that of many others, that the Liberal/National Coalition has strayed away from the original ideals of individual freedom and personal responsibility.

Tony Abbott, the current leader of the Liberal Party in federal parliament, is a moderate statist.

One of his major policies is the funding of a maternity leave scheme paid for by increasing company tax. So he will scrap the carbon tax (which Labor says they will do as well), but he will increase the tax on companies in order to fund something that individuals should be funding themselves.

I will always be a Liberal Party voter as long as they remain a semblance of a reliable alternative to the green socialism of the ALP and the Greens. The Liberal Party have long stood up for the destrangulation of union infested labour, and for changes to IR laws that, despite the scaremongering, would actually benefit individual workers.

They seem to have forgotten their own philosophy, though.

It was the Liberal Party under Howard and Costello that introduced the Baby Bonus, a payment to new parents that I believe is responsible for rates of poverty, abuse and dependence in low socio-economic communities.

Now it is the Liberal Party that wants to make bosses pay full maternity leave to women who choose to be pregnant.

Now to some of the policies that attracted me to the LDP.

The LDP believes in the decriminalization of victimless crimes. I have long argued that there is no need for governments enforce laws that harm nobody when they are broken, except maybe the person breaking them. Fines for not wearing a bike helmet while riding a bike, for not wearing a seat belt while in a car, and fines and even jail time for the personal use of drugs, are all draconian laws that have no place in a free society. I would add to that list jaywalking. I am an adult. I am smart enough to judge the traffic for myself. I will decide when and where I can cross the road.

People should have the freedom to wear a bike helmet if they choose; to wear a seat belt if they choose. They should never be forced to do these things in the name of "personal safety."

The LDP also supports the RIGHT to own a firearm for sport, hunting and SELF DEFENSE. As it now stands in Australia, every state has differing gun laws. One thing all the states have in common is that they do not allow "self defence" as a valid reason for being approved a handgun licence. This is absurd. Self defense is the right of every free man. So long as we have life and liberty we should be able to defend them.

The LDP supports concealed carry by law abiding citizens who have no previous history of criminal activity or mental illness.

Those who who know me know that I am an ardent supporter of gun rights, the right to keep and bear arms, and the effect guns have in reducing crime.

The LDP supports market based approaches to tackling climate change. The government has no place imposing a tax on private businesses. Let the market decide the price of carbon. Allow free and voluntary trade in a free market. If the people want cleaner energy they will pay for it. A man and his wallet is a better indicator of popularity than a government and its policies.

The LDP also plans to scrap compulsory voting. Just as no citizen can be forced to silence, no citizen can be forced to speak. Forcing free people to attend a polling booth and have their name ticked off is akin to forcing them to give their opinion. The fact the government forces you out of your house on a Saturday in order to do your "civic duty" is Orwellian, evil and borders on slavery.

In her appearance on the ABC's QandA program earlier this year, then prime minister Julia Gillard laid the blame for America's gun culture on the fact that they don't have compulsory voting over in the States. The scaremongers tactic was as tyrannical in nature as it was absurd. To defend one tyrannical law by attacking a cherished freedom is the tactic of Marxists. Her suggestion that non-compulsory voting in America allows the gun lobby to wield enormous power is ludicrous. Every registered citizen can vote in America. Not every citizen does. Nobody, who is legally able, is stopped from voting, as seemed to be how suggestion.

When people like Julia Gillard defend compulsory voting by attacking the people who defend the right to bear arms, you know tyranny has reached it's absurd point.

And finally. The LDP advocvates the complete sell off and private ownership of the ABC, SBS, government owned public transport and Australia Post. Tony Abbott seems too scared to say he will sell off the ABC. I doubt he will even if he does form government.

The government has no place in the media. Forcing citizens to pay for a national broadcaster is as evil and despotic as, I don't know, forcing them to vote.

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