Monday, 19 March 2012

Heaping On the White Guilt

I went to bed last night in a rage, having been told by ABC panellists that my presence in this country is illegal. That my mother, brother, and young daughter were all criminals trespassing on Aboriginal land.

Once again (yeah, it's getting pretty tedious, it's it - we were lecture on the instituitonal racism of this country. The governments of years past had enabled racist, divisive policies such as the White Australia policy, and because of this flawed past racism has remained a disease of the Australian mind.

Germaine Greer, though admitting to being in London 8 months of the year, still thought she knew enough about Australia's current social climate to judge us all as racist remnants of a distant past.

Of course, my anger eased once I told myself that the panellists lecturing me were just a remnant themselves. A remnant of a distant past when Australians were judged as racist idiots. Don't listen to them, I told myself, you're smarter than that.

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