Sunday, 30 September 2012

Haters Give Themselves a License

I want to start this post by saying that Alan Jones comments, on the passing of Prime Minister Gillard's father, were cruel and ill mannered. Australians all know Jones can be quite parochial. It is a former Wallabies coach. From time to time he forgets that the sledging of the sporting field isn't so welcome in the media arena.

 Having said that, I find it bafflingly hypocritical that such authors of hate as the vile Marieke Hardy and Catherine Deveny  would dare think they were qualified to chastise Jones.

 Catherine Deveny is infamous for having tweeted that she hoped a young Bindi Irwin - whose father had been killed not two years before - “gets laid tonight.”

 Marieke Hardy's piece on ABC's The Drum website, on Coalition MP Christopher Pyne, was pulled by the editors. In the piece she claimed Pyne was the most hated man in Australia.
 Hardy has also called anyone who waves an Australian flag on Australia Day a racist. I imagine she thinks 4th of July is a Klan gathering.
 Deveny, always loud and infantile, is notorious for comments she makes every ANZAC day likening young men who fought at Gallipoli, and on the Western Front, to homophobes and racists.

 So here we have the moral police. Dishing out their own, self approved trash talk, while keeping big bad conservative haters in check.

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