Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Sensitive and Educated Left

The Left is unleashing it's inner homophobe. But that's ok. Because the man they are bullying is a conservative. So he's fair game. Besides, conservatives gays aren't real gays. Just like conservative Blacks aren't real Blacks. They're Uncle Toms.

 See, to be part of the liberal progressive machine (it IS a machine) you have to have certain credentials and merits.
 I once had a dream that I thought perfectly illustrated the Leftist ladder of merit. Like most dreams, it made little sense. But, then again, it was about the Left.
 In the dream I am in a room surrounded by liberals. We are all rating each other based on particular "progressive" things we have supported or achieved. For example: a woman in the dream says that she donated blankets to a Tibetan orphanage; another supported some splinter resistance group. Do-gooder causes like that.

 As the dream went on the examples of do-gooder achievements went from ridiculous to "messed up in a way only drug legalizing, Marx loving liberals can be messed up."

 One person dusted Bono's jacket.  
 "Up the ladder you go."

 Another person smiled at an African child. 
 "Here are the keys to heaven, you Messiah, you."  

 Plant a tree in an orphanage garden while thanking Gaia and the whales.

 In reality, it's not much different. The sanctimonious Left think their feel good activism permits them to be homophobic, vicious, and down right crude at certain times. They are just like pious priests who think their holy devotion licenses them to abuse young boys. Those who do good, or seem to, think that this gives them a surplus of holiness.

 If you donate to African aid agencies you can make the occasional racist joke, or protest when African workers try to get jobs in Australian mines.
 If you support gay marriage you can make sexual remarks about gays whose politics you don't agree with.

 Liberals are always going on about how we big bad conservatives need sensitivity training. Yet all their "sensitivity" didn't prevent them from making comments about Sarah Palin's down syndrome child.
 Liberals believe in women's rights and free will; yet they criticise Ann Romney for being a stay at home mum.
 Their hypocrisy and double standards know no bounds. Sanctimony is an art to them; and the perform it very well.      

 In Australia, they are now using comments, made by radio host Alan Jones, as an excuse to fling homophobic slurs.
 "Educated" liberals should know better than to use someone's sexuality against them. But that's exactly what they are doing with Alan Jones. It's disgraceful; but it shows them up for the hypocrites they are.

 Sensitivity training anyone?            

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