Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Homophobia Rife in KAP

Bernard Gaynor, a senate nominee representing Bob Katter's "Katter's Australia Party", yesterday tweeted. "I wouldn't let a gay teach my kids."  

In a spectacularly ballsy (sorry) move, Gaynor effectively committed political suicide. Which is pretty impressive considering an election hasn't been called yet, and Gaynor isn't even a senator yet, and most political hopefuls wait until they have POWER before putting their foot in their mouth. 

But the hilariously named Gaynor just can't seem to wait to express his paranoid and unjustified views. 
People like Gaynor hold these incredibly backward views because they want to shield their children from a lifestyle that they consider sinful and full of vice. 

But, by refusing to let gays teach their kids, parents like Gaynor are unintentionally exposing their children to the things that they intended to shield them from. 

Think about it. Most children before the age of 12 know "gay" only as an insult or an exclamation of disapproval or displeasure. As in: this homework is gay. 

Most 8 year olds aren't thinking, "I wonder what Mr. Green does in his bedroom. Is there a misses Green? Does he like Abba? I wonder where he's stuck his penis?"  

Most 8 year olds are thinking about whose turn it is to be batman; and how many more girls they can sit next to before girl germs reaches epidemic proportions. 

The one thing 8 year olds are not thinking of is whether their maths teacher fantasizes about George Michael and hot tubs. 

And as much as sick, backward, juvenile, dangerous lunatics like Gaynor like to say they are only trying to protect their children, the fact is, they are unwittingly, and ironically, drawing attention to an issue that they wish to hide their children from. 

As I sarcastically commented to Mr. Gaynor on Twitter, "when your kids are learning their times tables, the sexual lifestyle of their maths teacher is SO important." 



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