Friday, 11 January 2013

Little Book? So, Piers, You Want to Talk About Little?

Piers Morgan, like many who share his view on guns, doesn't like silly facts getting in the way of emotion and sensationalism. 

Morgan calls for a ban on assault weapons because the last 4 mass shootings in America involved those particular firearms. When Ben Shapiro pointed out that most gun murders in America are with handguns (many of those murders gang related) Morgan continues his inane tirade against assault weapons. 

For crying out loud, Piers. It is numbers, percentages that tell the truth about the severity of a particular problem. The fact that the last 4 mass shootings in America have involved assault weapons is irrelevent. Most gun crime is committed by crooks with your typical, run of the mill handgun. 

I also found Morgan's dismissal of the "tyranny" argument as quite naive and dangerous. Morgan, like many who want us to place all our faith in government, makes the mistake of thinking politicians will always do right by the people; that they will never abuse their powers. 

There's a good little lamb.   

Transcript is here.  

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