Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Non-PC, Conservative Sense.

Of late, I've been assailed on Twitter by anti-capitalist revisionists who think I'm a racist for pointing out that the countries with the most freedom, least corruption, and most stable political and judicial systems, are Anglo-Christian influenced countries; and that countries with majority non-Anglo/Christian populations tend to be war torn, corrupt, and hotspots for persecution (mostly of Christians).    

So here are some facts from the Heritage Organisation's rankings of economic freedom.  

8 of the top 10 nations on the list are former British colonies, and have British, Christian, cultural heritage, speak English, and use British influenced legal and political systems. 

Though not a nation, Hong Kong has economic, political and judicial autonomy, so is included. It ranks first. Singapore is second. 

That really stands out for me. The top two Asian nations, indeed the top two over all, are British influenced. 

Further down the list we have French influenced Vietman and Haiti at 136 and 142 respectively. 

So you can see that it's not just Christian influence (if it was, Latin America would be a haven of freedom) but also Anglo. 

Indeed, when one sees that the lowest ranked former British possessions are those in Africa and the Pacific islands, one realises that there is clearly a connection between majority Anglo populations and higher levels of freedom. 

It's not racist to speak the truth; that is, non-Anglo/Christian nations tend to be cesspools of corruption and mismangement.      

14 of the bottom 30 (nearly half) are African nations. 

Not one of the bottom 20 nations have a majority Anglo Christian population. The Christians that do live in those countries face persecution.   

12 of the bottom 20 are Middle Eastern, African, or South American nations.  
Christian nations, or secular nations  with a Christian influence, make up 17   of the top 20.    

Not one of the top 20 nations can be described as socialist, nor of having a state controlled economy. 

The highest ranked socialist nation is Vietnam... at 136. Yea! 

But of course, it's all the White man's fault.  

There. Now if this blog gets an more popular I might find myself in the dock with Andrew Bolt next year. 




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