Friday, 28 December 2012

The Delhi Atrocity

While the world has been focussed on criticising the United States and it's gun culture, a very real sickness infests gun restrictive India. 

The world's eyes, ears and prayers turned earlier this month to the sub continent, after reports of a gang rape, on a public bus of all places, of a young student from Delhi. 

Her injuries are horrific. She is barely alive. 

And then today I learnt of another rape that occured in November. 

The young victim (she was 17) of that assault has committed suicide after police pressured her to drop the charges. 

These women could be our daughters, our sisters. They are someone's daughters, sisters. The next victim could be a mother, a wife. 

Australia's prime minister, the "misogynist finder", Julia Gillard, would do well to look at the reports coming from India. She will learn what real misogyny looks like. 

India is sick. Pray for the victims. And may justice be brought heavily upon the perpertrators.         

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