Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Final Debate

The best judge of a man's character is not how he talks it, but how he walks it.

The last two debates have shown us a different Obama. No, he hasn't had the resounding victories the media cheerleaders would have you believe. But he has clearly been practicing.

But back to the premise of this post. Obama's handling of the tragedy on September 11 this year, that saw 4 Americans murdered, was laughable. Laughable because he blamed an Internet movie -  one that had caused offence to Muslims - for provoking the Benghazi attacks. We now know that tensions in the region were high, and that the US embassy had requested, and been denied, extra security. We now know that the attack on the embassy was planned and carried out to inflict more pain on America on the 11th anniversary of what is arguably the most painful moment in her history.

So, Obama may have regained that edge the Left always imagined he had, but that's only in theory. In practice, he's an abject, abominable ass.

Romney won this debate by default. Obama's failures and cover ups; his appeasement, and U.N. inspired, weak, feather duster condemnation of Iran and Syria, is a betrayal of the trust the American people placed in him when they voted him into office 4 years ago.

My grandmother has been making professional looking, quality wedding cakes for 35, 40 years. I'm not going to tell her how to layer each tier when I burnt the last scones I baked.

Now, you might say, but Romney has no experience either. Yes. But it's Obama who has stuffed up foreign policy. It's under Obama's watch that American haters have gone berserk and killed and maimed in a way only fanatics can.

Oh and, Obama, Russia isn't exactly stumbling over it's snow shoes to hand America a bunch of flowers and a chocolate love heart. The Cold War may be over, but the cold shoulder ain't.

Russia has close ties to China and Iran. In the event of a nuclear attack by Iran, or North Korea, do you really think Russia is going to side with America. Would the President like to look at a map so he can be reminded where Russia is in relation to North Korea. Putin will show his true colours; i.e. screw, you America, I'm not going against a nuclear rich dictatorship lying just under my ass.

And, Obama. You didn't kill Osama. Brave navy seals did. You just lapped up the Newsweek love.

Photo shoot Pres.

I'm out of here for another day.        

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