Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Left Are SO Smart, Just Ask Them... Oh, and It's All Bush's Fault

Bill Maher, Bill Maher, Bill Maher. Oh dear, oh dear. You liberals just can't get over Bush. It's an infatuation. 

Ben Affleck made an appearance on Real Time on Friday - you know, to seem like a smart liberal - with Bill Maher in the room, seeming smart wouldn't have been too difficult a feat. 

Now it's true that liberals know everything about everything. Just ask them. They were all born with IQs of 150. They were instantly enlightened at birth as to the ways of all cultures, races and creeds. And only they have the power to speak truly from the heart about issues like AIDS in Africa and oppression in the Middle East. Because they really care about brown people. Chris Matthews told them about them. 

Now, being aware that liberals are so smart, I always get lost in the mystical fog they emit as they belch hot air from their all knowing mouths. 

Ben Affleck: Bush was a profoundly stupid guy. 

Oh, wise Ben, you have learnt well, my chela. For the way to appear smarter is to make some other guy look dumb. It's the reason atheist teenagers around the world think they are evolutionary biologists when debating Christians. It's why every 16 year old was suddenly an English major whenever Bush spoke. Now smug liberal Ben Affleck is so smart because he knows that there are Sunni Muslims, as well as Shiite. You theological genius, Ben. If only you could put those brains into making a movie that doesn't suck. How hard could it be, Ben?

Affleck's remark came after fellow panelist, congressman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) metioned the Obama administrations mishandling of the Libyan embassy attacks on September 11. Maher came in to defend Obama. He made the point that Bush didn't even know that there was more than one Islamic denomination. Cue professor Affleck's comment.  

Deflecting blame from Obama, by making a comment about how "stupid"  Bush was, does not mitigate Obama's Biblical sized stuff up(s). 

4 Americans are murdered? "Don't blame Obama. Blah blah blah. Leave Obama alone. Blah blah blah." 

Bush isn't up to scratch on his Islamic denominations? "stupid man!" 

The Left are so infatuated and obssesed with Bush they manage to mention his name when talking about the stuff ups of Obama. You know, the guy who's been President for 4 years. The guy who is supposed to protect Americans. 

With all this blaming and finger pointing at a former Republican, I'm surprised Democrats haven't brought up Rutherford B. Hayes stealing the 1876 election as the reason Obama is so terrible. Yeah. It's all his fault. Actually, now I mention it, let's blame every Republican who has ever lived. And let's blame every ancestor of Bush, and every descendant. Even better, lets blame everyone or everything with Bush in it's name: rose bushes, blackberry bushes, the Aussie bush, the Bush Taker Man, the band Bush, Kate Bush. It's all your fault!        

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