Friday, 5 October 2012

The Bitter, Spiteful Haters.

The left shows it's lack of class. As if we didn't already know they were cretins and bottom dwellers.


The leftist bullies who have taken over the web, are getting much enjoyment out of posting bile like this:

Tony Abbott has been called a homophobe. He has a gay sister, who he loves and stands by. He has gay friends.

 He has been branded a racist. He works during the summer in poor Aboriginal communities. Building houses and learning about issues that affect the Indigenous people of Australia. Where are the pious and preachy Greens at this time.

 Abbott has been labelled a misogynist. Let me ask. Who is the real hater of females? A husband of over 20 years, faithful and loving? A father of three well raised, happy daughters? Or leftist feminists who advocate killing baby girl foetuses?

The bitter left only knows one way. Attack  What bitter sad people.

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